If you have made it this far, you must be interested in who I am.

I am a Software Engineer interested in writing well architected code. I have experience in startups ranging from legal document services to hardware and most recently in marketplaces for commercial real estate.

I have a passion for trying to make things a simple as possible to better communicate my thinking with others. I enjoy following through with this passion by writing easy to understand code. Lately I have found that golang is a good tool for this.

I am interested in working for a startup or well managed small to mid size tech company in San Francisco.

Here are some projects that I have worked on:

  • thisopenspace - A Canadian commercial real estate search engine
  • SpaceList - A Canadian commercial real estate search engine
  • Dine ā€˜Nā€™ Dash - A mobile payments solution for using in restaurants, this was a school project
  • Geppetto - A drag and drop PCB builder
  • Discovery Assistant - A for batch discovery and conversion of any file to tiff for litigation purposes

You can find me on social media to learn more!

Fork Me: GitHub @squirly

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